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Episode 9: Exploring the Vacation Rental Tech Stack

There is a tech arms race underway in the vacation rental market. As this space enters a new phase of growth and scale, the need for tech solutions is real, but not every company will succeed. Understand the vacation rental tech stack, its major players, and our outlook on where it’s all headed in this Analyst Session.


Episode 8: Hotel Owner Operating and Branding Strategies

Hotel owners have their hands full with choosing the appropriate operating model, ensuring their properties are being run efficiently and effectively, and remaining innovative and thoughtful. Doing all of this in an increasingly complex environment can be challenging. Some will need the major brand chains' help, some won't.

Episode 7: Venture Investment Trends In Travel

This was a record year of funding for travel startups. It's exciting for travel to be in the spotlight, but it also means that founders and their VC backers see a field full of market openings, oftentimes at the expense of established incumbents. Travel leaders need to keep tabs on what is driving the latest opportunities.

Episode 6: 2018 Global Travel Market Outlook

There is room for optimism heading into 2018 for the global travel industry with numerous indicators pointing to a solid year of macroeconomic growth.

Episode 5: Outlook On Hotel Direct Booking 2017

With more hotel booking options becoming available to travelers, hotel brands must consider their distribution approach and direct booking strategies.

Episode 4: Ctrip and the China Online Travel Market

As China's travel market continues to grow and Chinese travelers are increasingly booking online, Ctrip and the country's travel industry are poised for high growth.

Episode 3: The State of Destination Marketing in 2017

This analyst call discusses the current state of destination marketing, with a particular focus on current and developing content marketing, digital advertising and data analytics strategies.

Episode 2: Consolidation and Tech in the Vacation Rentals Industry

While the vacation rental industry is becoming more popular among consumers, particularly in urban areas, behind the scenes three waves of consolidation are hitting the sector.


Episode 1: Google’s Reach and Impact on Travel

Google's steady push into the online travel space has deep implications for both established players and aspiring startups.