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Monthly audiocasts for subscribers only. Our Analyst Sessions go deep into the topics that matter to decision makers in travel. Listen to Skift’s analyst opinions about the future direction of the travel industry.

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Episode 6: 2018 Global Travel Market Outlook

There is room for optimism heading into 2018 for the global travel industry with numerous indicators pointing to a solid year of macroeconomic growth.

1 month ago

Episode 5: Outlook On Hotel Direct Booking 2017

With more hotel booking options becoming available to travelers, hotel brands must consider their distribution approach and direct booking strategies.

2 months ago

Episode 4: Ctrip and the China Online Travel Market

As China's travel market continues to grow and Chinese travelers are increasingly booking online, Ctrip and the country's travel industry are poised for high growth.

2 months ago

Episode 3: The State of Destination Marketing in 2017

This analyst call discusses the current state of destination marketing, with a particular focus on current and developing content marketing, digital advertising and data analytics strategies.

7 months ago

Episode 2: Consolidation and Tech in the Vacation Rentals Industry

While the vacation rental industry is becoming more popular among consumers, particularly in urban areas, behind the scenes three waves of consolidation are hitting the sector.

11 months ago

Episode 1: Google’s Reach and Impact on Travel

Google's steady push into the online travel space has deep implications for both established players and aspiring startups.

1 year ago