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A Deep Dive Into Hyatt 2019: Making Waves in Wellness and Hospitality

No longer a sleepy hotel company, Hyatt is making waves in wellness offerings and capitalizing on the high value of its owned real estate.
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Marketing Operations in the Travel Industry Benchmarks: Hotels

Where major travel sectors stand in marketing operations and how outperformers do it differently.
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The New Era of Food Tourism: Trends and Best Practices for Stakeholders

Food tourism today isn’t what it was a few years ago. Today, all kinds of stakeholders have a role to play in this space.
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Select Topics for 2019

  • Marketing Operations in Hospitality, Airlines, and Tours & Activities
  • Marketing Strategies for Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Ad Tech, Loyalty Tech, and Emerging Tech in Travel
  • Revenue Management Systems in Hospitality
  • U.S. Experiential Traveler Survey
  • U.S. Affluent Traveler Survey
  • Millennial & Gen Z Traveler Survey, Food Tourism, and China Outbound Traveler Survey
  • Deep Dives into Hyatt, IHG, Delta and many more
  • US, UK, Germany, & China Traveler Key Stats
  • Global Travel Economics
  • Quantifying Overtourism
  • 2020 Global Travel Market Outlook


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