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U.S. Travel Tracker December 2020: Further Slip

The dark winter for the U.S. travel industry continued in December. Travel rate dipped to 28%, only three percentage points higher than March. However, the promise of wider-spread vaccinations and a new President seems to give the Americans confidence to travel again in 2021.

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Skift Research Global Travel Outlook 2021

Glad this year is finally over? Us too! In its annual outlook, Skift Research looks forward to the big themes and challenges that it believes are in store for the travel industry as it begins the long uphill climb to recovery next year.

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U.S. Travel Tracker October 2020: Slow Climb Continues

In October, 37.8% of Americans traveled, marking the smallest monthly increase since reaching the low point in April. Will the changing course of the pandemic, with a new President and possible vaccine, give the U.S. travel industry a much-needed boost in the coming months?

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U.S. Travel Tracker September 2020: Onset of Fall Travel

Labor Day weekend didn’t provide a much-needed boost for the U.S travel sector. In September, 37% of Americans traveled, barely one percentage point higher than in August. The path of travel recovery ahead might be even rockier with summer vacation officially behind us.

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U.S. Travel Tracker August 2020: Consumer Confidence Holding Strong

Summer was near the end and while still high, the number of new COVID cases declined substantially from the peak of July. Yet, the travel rate did not go up along this track. In August, 36% of Americans traveled, only one percentage point higher than in July.

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U.S. Travel Tracker July 2020: Summer Vacation Main Driver Despite New Case Surge

Despite rising new COVID cases, 35% of Americans traveled in July. But most are not taking their typical summer vacations.

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U.S. Travel Tracker April 2020: Emerging Consumer Segments

When and how consumers will travel again might have a lot to do with how their lives are impacted by COVID-19. Our April travel tracker analysis delves into the details.

Marketing and Media

Travel Marketing During COVID-19

Nearly 90% of travel marketers have slashed their marketing budgets due to COVID-19. With restrained resources and changing mandates, how can travel CMOs and their teams navigate through the crisis stronger? We delve into these crucial questions for answers.

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U.S. Travel Tracker March 2020: Travel Sentiment Amid Lockdown

With travel restrictions in place, the U.S. travel rate in March dropped to 25% from 41% in February. What’s changed is also people’s outlook of travel on the other side of the pandemic.

Venture Capital

Venture Investment Trends and Startup Opportunities in Travel

Analyzing startups helps us understand what the future of travel holds. The latest generation of startups promises innovation across many facets of travel: hospitality, tours, airlines, business travel, and more.


Skift Global Travel Economy Outlook 2019

As we wrap up 2018, our latest Skift Research report dives into what went well this year and what we can expect heading into 2019. Looking ahead, we expect another strong year of economic growth, with a few different puts and takes, which should translate well for the travel industry.

Online Travel

The State of India Outbound Travel 2018

The India outbound travel market is poised to boom in a matter of years. The global travel industry needs to make itself aware of this market and why it matters now, so they’re not scrambling to catch up later.