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Skift Research provides proprietary research, analysis, and premium data tools for travel industry leaders and their teams to better understand their industry and the outside forces driving change.

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What's Included


Multiple research reports every month

3-4 new reports every month. Our core coverage areas span macro-level trends, sector and company deep-dives, consumer insights, market size and forecast, B2B intelligence and travel tech.


Real-time measures of global travel performance

Proprietary measures of global travel health based on our weighted analysis of over 80 performance indicators from 20 data partners; released Monthly.


Proprietary hotel tech benchmarks

Market sizing and vendor landscape for all major hotel tech categories, based on vendor surveys and our proprietary analysis and estimates.


Access to Skift Travel 200

The ST200 combines the financial performance of nearly 200 travel companies worth more than a trillion dollars into a single number.


Historical library of over 230 reports

Access to all the research that we have produced since 2014.


Access to analyst insights

Ask analyst questions related to their reports and expertise areas through emails.


25% off tickets to Skift in-person events

Take your Skift experience to the next level by joining us in-person at any of our live events – at a discounted, subscriber-exclusive rate.


Free access to all online Skift events

Complimentary online access to all of our Skift events – that means everything from our flagship annual Skift Global Forum, to new events like Future of Lodging.

Companies that Rely on Skift Research

Why should I subscribe to Skift Research?

By combining our own extensive industry experience with rigorous financial and quantitative analysis along with access to top executives at nearly every major travel company, we create comprehensive research reports that drill deeply into companies and trends shaping the future of travel. We use tools such as financial and economic analysis and proprietary survey data to support our qualitative observations and forecasts for the industry. We are intellectually honest and transparent with our assumptions.

Our subscribers come from within the travel ecosystem and include executives, marketers, strategists, technologists, and sales professionals from online distributors, hospitality companies, airlines, cruises, destination marketing organizations, tours and activities companies, technology providers, and others. We also have many investors (both public and private equity/venture capital) and investment banks/equity research providers subscribing to our research.

In addition to our written reports, subscribers receive exclusive discounts to attend our events, an opportunity to schedule individual calls and meetings with our analysts, and early access to the editorial section.

Who conducts Skift Research and writes its reports?

Our reports are researched and written by our in-house team of seasoned analysts. We have carefully built our research team where we play off each other's strengths. Our backgrounds are diverse ranging from decades of experience in research program management, market sizing and forecasting, economics, tech and consumer trends, financial and strategic analysis. Our coverage is also global with our analysts based in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. An example of the teamwork involved in our research was the groundbreaking 2017 Outlook on Hotel Direct Booking Report, where we combined industry expertise, access to over 30 executives, a survey of 370 hotels, and financial and data analysis to evaluate the state of distribution. We also team up with a select group of contributors with particular domain expertise from various sectors of travel. Between 200 to 400 hours of research, analysis and writing goes into each report. We are actively adding to our research team with a focus on building a cohesive unit rather than using the siloed approach many firms often utilize.

In what format are Skift Research reports available?

They are available as an HTML5 online report, behind a login paywall. The report has a responsive design, so that you as a subscriber can read it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device, for ease of reading across multiple devices you may be using.

How often does Skift Research publish reports?

We publish 3-4 new Skift Research Reports each month in various formats, including long form deep dive reports, survey results, and more.

Can I share my report with my colleagues and professional network?

No, the individual subscription is intended for single use, and we monitor the sharing of passwords to enforce our copyright licenses. If you're interested in having your team stay up-to-date on the latest research in travel, we also offer multi-user licenses for your immediate team or company-wide unlimited access.

How can I share what I've learned from reports?

Skift Research does not allow sharing or distribution of full reports or logins published on our site. Feel free to share certain snippets or lines of our research reports, raw data, and/or any knowledge acquired within your company and with outside associates. However, when you do so, we ask that you cite Skift and add our logo on any document pages published. A simple citation will do: "According to Skift"

How can I obtain a receipt from my purchase?

You will find a copy of your receipt in your Skift Research account. Log in to your My Skift dashboard here: Transaction receipts can be found on the lower right hand side of your dashboard.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

No. While we can cancel or transfer the annual subscription, we do not offer refunds.

Will I have access to all previous Skift Research Reports?

Yes, as a subscriber, you have access to our entire library of 160+ previous reports, as well as upcoming reports released during your subscription period.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

All individual subscriptions auto-renew at the end of your subscription period. If the billing information is up-to-date, you are charged the annual fee and your subscription will continue. If you wish to change your billing information, you can do so under "Billing Method" in your account.

If you do not wish to renew your individual subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time before renewal happens by logging into your account at You will have access to Skift Research until the end of your subscription term.

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