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A Deep Dive Into Google’s Impact on Travel 2022

The metasearch wars are drawing to a close and Google is winning. The future of independent travel metasearch in the U.S. and Europe is at risk, in our view.


Skift Research Global Travel Outlook 2022

With 2022 on the horizon, the travel recovery has begun in earnest. Brands are competing to win returning consumers but may find that old habits and preferences have evolved.

Multi-Day Tour Operators 2021: Reshaping Supply Chains and Distribution

Anyone seeking to understand leisure travel overlooks tour operators at their own risk. It is one of the last great offline sectors in the travel industry but that cannot last. Changing consumer behavior and new tech is driving disruption in these businesses, the effects of which have only been compounded by the significant impact of COVID-19.


Hotel Direct Booking Outlook in 2021

Despite years of pushing direct booking campaigns, third parties remain a crucial part of hotel distribution strategy. Learn how many bookings each distribution channel delivers, at what cost, and the outlook for direct bookings in this report.

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Skift Research Global Travel Outlook 2021

Glad this year is finally over? Us too! In its annual outlook, Skift Research looks forward to the big themes and challenges that it believes are in store for the travel industry as it begins the long uphill climb to recovery next year.

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Airbnb and the Short-Term Rental Market 2020

It’s finally here! Skift Research has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get its hands on Airbnb’s public filings. This report analyzes the challenges and strategies of the most influential company in the short-term rental industry.


Hotel Distribution 2020 Part II: The Tech Landscape

Hotel tech tends to be characterized by piecemeal solutions by a myriad of tech vendors, all offering a few pieces of the puzzle. Hotel distribution tech is no different. Hoteliers end up working with many tech vendors to understand demand, set the right rates, and get their rooms on the right channels. Here we provide some clarity on key issues and the vendor landscape.


Hotel Distribution 2020 Part I: The Channel Mix

The hotel distribution landscape is complex, with hotel rooms being sold and promoted through many different channels. COVID-19 has certainly impacted how and where hotel rooms are being distributed, but it is unlikely that this disruption will be sustained long term. That's not to say that disruption isn't coming, though.

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A Deep Dive Into Trip.com Group 2020

China is like no other place on Earth and Trip.com is like no other online travel agency. It offers lessons on how to build an industry-leading business and how to respond to our deepest crisis ever.

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A Deep Dive into Tripadvisor 2020

Tripadvisor had been working on a turn-around even before COVID-19 hit. We take a deep dive into the company's financials, business strategies, and challenges for 2020 and beyond.


Skift Global Travel Economy Outlook 2020

We head into 2020 with more question marks than any year of this cycle. Risks are rising and the global economy is slowing. But, crucially, we are still growing and our base case forecast travel growth to continue next year.

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Online Travel Agency Briefing: Highlights of Booking Holdings’ and Expedia Group’s 2018 Earnings

There's a reason we love earnings season: lot's of interesting new company data points.