Report Overview

In our annual outlook for the travel industry, Skift Research has created 2022 global revenue forecasts for airlines, hotels, short-term rentals, cruise lines, and online travel agencies. We also built an estimate for international cross-border travel from 2022–2025. 

We just lived through one of the most challenging years that the travel industry will ever face. 2021 will be remembered as the inflection point of the pandemic. We went into the year with no vaccine and the travel industry in free fall. But we end the year with many borders opened and the industry edging up to 70% of the pre-pandemic activity. There are still many bumps in the road to full recovery (looking at you, Omicron) but the broad trend is onward and upward.

Looking ahead into 2022 and beyond, Skift Research is optimistic for a short-term and long-term travel recovery. We believe that travel is a megatrend and forecast for all major travel sectors to grow next year. 

Please use the link below to download your copy of this year’s report.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Forecasts of Cross-border trips 2022–2025, globally and for North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions
  • Forecasts of 2022 industry revenue for airlines, hotels, short term rentals, cruises, and OTAs
  • In-depth industry recovery trends for airlines, hotels, short-term rentals, and OTAs
  • Key changes that will stay post-pandemic
  • Factors that contribute to strong long-term travel return