Report Overview

We conducted a market sizing analysis to assess the size of the Indian international destination wedding market. By merging survey data with publicly available statistics, we gained a comprehensive view of market dynamics. With the global destination wedding market forecasted for growth, there are ample opportunities for travel businesses in the tourism sector to enhance their offerings and cater to this lucrative segment.

This report provides context and insights into the opportunity presented by this trend, analyzing trends, drivers, and economic impacts of the Indian international destination wedding market. Set against India’s expanding outbound travel sector, it focuses on key factors driving this trend, such as economic prosperity, a youthful demographic, and a thriving luxury travel industry.

To gain deeper insights, we surveyed affluent Indians aged 21 to 40 who organized an international destination wedding in the past year. The survey uncovered decision-making processes, trends, preferences, and execution details, including supplier choices and budget considerations, complementing our market sizing analysis and enriching our understanding of this market segment.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The scale of the Indian international destination wedding market.
  • Reasons why Indian couples choose international destinations for their weddings.
  • Main decision makers involved in planning international destination weddings.
  • Primary markets where Indian couples prefer to have their international weddings.
  • Latest trends and preferences in planning and booking international destination weddings.
  • Common challenges faced by hosts, planners, and businesses in organizing these weddings.
  • Actionable insights for businesses looking to cater to the Indian international destination wedding market.