Report Overview

The watchword for 2024 is normalization. We expect that overall travel industry revenue growth will decelerate from eye-watering double digits. But this slow-down is not a sign of weakness. Rather it is a sign of the continued strength of the travel industry as business finally gets back to normal. ​

Economic conditions appear poised to support further consumer spending. And even though there are some clouds on the horizon, shifts in consumer behavior that prioritize travel over other spending, should help deliver growth for our industry. Expect Asia to experience strong growth, as it finally stretches its legs after prolonged lockdowns. Capacity constraints are from over, but ironically can help support travel’s pricing power. We see room for growth from hotels to airlines.

This year our flagship piece includes more data than ever before. The core estimates you will find in this piece are for international trips out to 2028 and 2024 revenue forecasts for the hotel, airline, online travel, short-term rental, and cruise industry.​

On top of that we have included sector-specific analysis and  insights into how economics, demographics, and consumer trends will shape travel into 2024 and beyond. ​

We hope you enjoy! ​

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • International Travel Forecast, 2023-2028​
  • Online Travel Revenue and Gross Bookings Forecast, 2023-2025​
  • Hotel Revenue Forecast, 2023-2025​
  • Short-Term Rental Revenue Forecast, 2023-2025​
  • Airline Passenger Revenue Forecast, 2023-2024​
  • Economic and Demographic Factors Driving Travel in 2024​
  • Key Consumer and Business Trends that Will Impact Travel