Report Overview

The “Exploring Gen Z and Millennial Travel Habits” report stands as a comprehensive exploration into the intricate world of the dynamic millennial and Gen Z demographic, dissected across six key sections. The foundational segment on Travel Preferences and Motivations delves into the mindset of these young travelers, covering aspects such as travel frequency, destination preferences, the role of social media, and motivators for their journeys. The Journey Logistics section shifts focus to the practicalities, exploring modes of transport, flight booking methods, accommodation preferences, and ancillary services, offering a detailed look at the operational side of their travel experiences.

Moving on to the Experiencing the Destination section, the report delves deep into the heart of travel, examining ground transportation, in-destination activities, spending patterns on wellness and adventure tourism, culinary preferences, and the growing emphasis on sustainable tourism. Loyalty and Financial Considerations assesses the nuances of loyalty programs among millennials and Gen Z, examining motivations, financial considerations, travel insurance usage, and perceptions of luxury travel. The Technology and Work Dynamics section explores the intersection of technology and travel, examining remote work trends, coworking preferences, attitudes towards sustainability, and the rise of digital nomads.

Finally, Societal and Economic Factors provide insights into the broader landscape influencing young travelers. Topics range from financial situations and savings to spending patterns, splurge categories, and overarching concerns affecting travel decisions. The report encapsulates a valuable resource for businesses, destinations, and industry stakeholders aiming to decipher and cater to the unique needs and preferences of millennial and Gen Z travelers in the ever-evolving realm of travel and tourism. Its holistic approach offers a roadmap for adapting strategies in response to the diverse and dynamic travel behaviors of these influential demographics.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Travel Preferences and Motivations
  • Journey Logistics
  • Experiencing the Destination
  • Loyalty and Financial Considerations
  • Technology and Work Dynamics
  • Societal and Economic Factors

Executives Interviewed

  • Ernest Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, CitizenM
  • Rose Wangen-Jones, Managing Director of Destination, Marketing and Commercial, London & Partners, Visit London