Report Overview

The Q3 2023 U.S. Travel Highlights report reveals a surge in American travel, with 65% of the population travelling, while business travel steadily declines. Urban areas see a resurgence in popularity as small towns lose ground. Wellness retreats gain traction, highlighting a focus on well-being.

Digital trip planning remains the norm, favoring hotels and the rising trend of vacation rentals. Direct bookings for accommodations and flights are on the rise, with key booking websites identified.

Travelers’ booking preferences and trip planning vary between personal and business travel. The report uncovers shifting priorities when selecting flights and accommodations, showcasing growing interest in remote work arrangements and a reduced preference for blended trips.

Amid economic uncertainty, the majority anticipate personal financial improvements, though concerns about inflation persist. The travel sector stands out as remarkably resilient, experiencing increased spending and a shift towards experiential investments, reflecting evolving consumer priorities.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • U.S. Travel Highlights
  • Booking Trends
  • Customer Experience
  • In-Destination Trends
  • Consumer attitudes to prices, and the impact on travel plans
  • Use of sustainable options provided by travel suppliers
  • Consumer Sentiment and economic outlook