Report Overview

India’s travel booking landscape is making a rapid shift towards online platforms, driven by the younger demographic and a growing preference for digital convenience. While offline methods are still popular, the surge in smartphone users signals a shift towards mobile bookings. Presently, Indian travelers exhibit an equal preference for direct and third-party booking channels, setting them apart from the Chinese.

Despite the dominance of local players like MakeMyTrip, international platforms like and Airbnb are rapidly gaining ground, indicating a competitive shift. Looking forward, government investments in tourism infrastructure promise growth opportunities, but challenges persist, especially with complex tax regulations. Amidst this, a unified platform to streamline the fragmented ecosystem will be a potential game-changer.

In this report, we give a concise overview of Indian traveler preferences and the top players in the Indian online travel booking landscape, in 10 informative charts. In summary, online travel in India is poised for dynamic competition in the digital era.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Travel booking preferences of Indian travelers
  • The shift towards online travel booking platforms
  • Top OTAs in India
  • The growing presence of Western OTAs