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Progress in Sustainability: Hotel Company Analysis 2023

We've covered the environmental performance of hotel companies before, but that research was due an update. Much has happened in the world, and - probably unrelated - hotel companies have become better at setting emission reduction targets and reporting of current performance. Let's continue that trend.


Recession Watch: Hotel Chain Scale Analysis 2023

A potential recession is on the horizon in the U.S., but we expect hotel performance to stay resilient in the face of economic uncertainty, buoyed by continued strength in the luxury segment - unlike what has been seen in prior downturns.


Hotel Tech Benchmark: Task Management, Housekeeping, and Staff Collaboration Tools 2023

The vast majority of hoteliers still rely on manual checklists, Excel workbooks, and phone calls for managing staff operations. However, if tech vendors can convince hoteliers to adapt, a new tech category has the potential to generate $1.3 billion annually.


Online Travel Booking Trends During the Pandemic

Are the channel wars coming back? The pandemic brought a wave of direct bookings but our latest survey data suggests that this trend may not last. Plus, we find surprising shifts in booking site usage and share among American travelers.

Consumer Habits

U.S. Travel Tracker: December 2022

Increasing number of Americans have started to feel the pinch of increasing travel prices. 34 percent of Americans, 10 percentage points higher than last October, plan to decrease their spending on travel in the next 12 months.


Hotel Tech Benchmark: Reputation and Review Management 2023

The explosive popularity of online guest reviews on numerous review platforms has made it imperative for hotels to adopt reputation and review management software to be able to manage their public perception and benchmark guest satisfaction. This tech category has observed growth in the last decade and has the potential to generate $1.3 billion in annual revenues.


Skift Research Global Travel Outlook 2023

The new year will give no rest to a weary travel industry. After years of work to dig out of the hole the pandemic put us in, travel in 2023 may find that the hardest part still lies ahead. The groundwork for growth is in place but achieving success will be no simple task.

Online Travel

Expedia and Booking in the Post-Pandemic Travel Landscape

Travel is back in full swing and Expedia Group and Booking Holdings are now fully recovered versus the pandemic. But under the hood, big changes are underway as these two booking sites revamp their strategies for the future.


Hotel Tech Benchmark: Guest-Facing Technology 2022

Guest-facing tech has gained popularity over the last few years, especially due to its contactless capabilities. While there is a lot of investment in this landscape and growing interest from hoteliers and guests, it is still largely in its infancy with a lot of potential to grow.

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U.S. Travel Tracker: September 2022

High season... what high season? In September, 57% of Americans traveled, 10 percentage points higher than the same time last year. The normal decline in trip participation after the summer months did not occur, highlighting how the vacation season is being stretched as demand - and prices - remain high.


State of Travel 2022: Charting Travel’s Future

So much has happened in the the travel industry in recent years. This new report by Skift Research puts perspective on those dizzying changes by providing definitive and data-driven insight into the current state of the travel industry, and the trends that will shape the future.

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U.S. Travel Tracker: July 2022 Highlights

Higher prices and concerns about the economy haven't stopped Americans from traveling. Over half of Americans traveled in July. And nearly 60 percent of them said they might travel before the summer ends.