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U.S. Heavyweights in 20 Charts: Delta vs United vs American

When comparing Delta, United, and American Airlines, which operate in similar markets with comparable business models and market shares, are there any particular metrics that highlight an edge one airline has over the others? Interestingly, there are.


Business Class Recovery: State of Airline Premium Cabin Capacity

Even with reduced capacities, revenues from airline business cabins have surpassed 2019 levels. Its no wonder that airlines executives are hoping for improved corporate travel budgets in 2023, as business cabin yields have continued to improve.


Developments in the Middle Eastern Aviation Industry 2023

Never before have we seen such a broad vision for the advancement of air travel and tourism in any region and with such financial support for it. Over the course of the next few years, we will be closely following the developments in the Middle East with keen interest!


State of Travel 2023: Travel in 250 Charts

Travel is back! While 2022 was all about bumper performances in some countries and sectors, and lagging performances in others, we can truly say that 2023 is the year that travel fully recovered. But we do need to be clear-eyed about persisting and upcoming challenges. This report hands you everything you need to know in one 250+ slide deck.


The Business of Airline Loyalty Programs 2023

Being the first to launch loyalty program in the world in 1981, American Airlines still leads the pack. But European and Asian airlines have found their own ways to level the playing field. The future will be a lot more competitive - great time for flyers, a lot harder if you are a program operator.


U.S. Airline Sector: Skift Research Estimates 2023/2024

The U.S. airline industry is roaring again and gunning for record profitability in the coming summers on the back of strong results delivered in 2022. However, dynamic passenger demand and macroeconomic conditions could dampen this growth.


Online Travel Booking Trends During the Pandemic

Are the channel wars coming back? The pandemic brought a wave of direct bookings but our latest survey data suggests that this trend may not last. Plus, we find surprising shifts in booking site usage and share among American travelers.


Skift Research Global Travel Outlook 2023

The new year will give no rest to a weary travel industry. After years of work to dig out of the hole the pandemic put us in, travel in 2023 may find that the hardest part still lies ahead. The groundwork for growth is in place but achieving success will be no simple task.


State of Travel 2022: Charting Travel’s Future

So much has happened in the the travel industry in recent years. This new report by Skift Research puts perspective on those dizzying changes by providing definitive and data-driven insight into the current state of the travel industry, and the trends that will shape the future.

Marketing and Media

Subscriptions and Memberships in Travel 2022

Subscriptions are ubiquitous in nearly every industry other than travel. Why the disconnect? The time is right for building paid travel subscriptions, powered by shifts in traveler priorities and work-life flexibility. Learn how to build travel memberships by analyzing three innovative case studies in this latest research report.


Travel Loyalty Programs Deep Dive 2022

While the travel industry was on its knees, travel loyalty programs continued to grow. But the pandemic has changed the travel industry, and loyalty programs need to follow suit.


Skift Research Global Travel Outlook 2022

With 2022 on the horizon, the travel recovery has begun in earnest. Brands are competing to win returning consumers but may find that old habits and preferences have evolved.