What travel industry stakeholders need to know about artificial intelligence, next-gen distribution, and other innovations that will impact business


Hotel Tech Benchmark: Revenue Management Systems 2021

Sophisticated revenue management systems will undoubtedly become more commonplace in the hotel industry, but today still only a small minority of hotels use them. There is a lot of room left for growth, innovation, and disruption.


Hotel Tech Benchmark: Property Management Systems 2021

This is the most complete vendor landscape and market sizing for the hotel property management system sector. With annual revenues of $4.5 billion, this is the largest hotel tech category, but it is also extremely fragmented. There is a lot to fight for.


The State of Hotel Payments 2021

Most hoteliers would rather not think about their payment tech, as long as it works. But payment habits are changing, and so is payment tech. Hoteliers - and hotel tech vendors and investors - will want to be on top of these changes, especially now that revenues are suppressed.


Hotel Distribution 2020 Part II: The Tech Landscape

Hotel tech tends to be characterized by piecemeal solutions by a myriad of tech vendors, all offering a few pieces of the puzzle. Hotel distribution tech is no different. Hoteliers end up working with many tech vendors to understand demand, set the right rates, and get their rooms on the right channels. Here we provide some clarity on key issues and the vendor landscape.


Contactless Tech in Hospitality 2020

All the contactless tech that is receiving so much buzz in the hotel industry today pre-dates the current crisis. So it might not be revolutionary tech, but the impact on guest experience and engagement will certainly outlast the pandemic.

Marketing and Media

Travel Marketing During COVID-19

Nearly 90% of travel marketers have slashed their marketing budgets due to COVID-19. With restrained resources and changing mandates, how can travel CMOs and their teams navigate through the crisis stronger? We delve into these crucial questions for answers.


Emerging Tech in Travel 2020

There are so many technologies that can and will impact the travel industry, but it is hard to poke through all the hype and see what will fundamentally change the future of travel. Here are four technology buckets with the largest potential.


The Hotel Property Management Systems Landscape 2020

Legacy PMS vendors have for too long reaped the rewards without truly pushing the boundaries of what they could offer hoteliers. Now technology has passed them by, and they are playing catch-up. Cloud computing, open APIs, marketplaces, and middleware layers are shaking up this stale corner of hotel tech, and it’s crazy exciting.

Consumer Habits

Millennial and Gen Z Traveler Survey 2019: A Multi-Country Comparison Report

Millennials have been in the travel industry’s spotlight for years already, yet they still remain somewhat of a mystery. As they continue to gain spending power, their successor generation, Gen Z, is hot on their heels. Thinking about these generational cohorts as a global collective however, risks painting the picture with too broad a brush.


An Expanded View of Hotel Loyalty Tech 2019

Let’s place loyalty programs into a larger realm of technology which can improve and increase guest engagement and personalization, with all these tools working in parallel to achieve a truly loyal guest.


The Hotel Revenue Management Landscape 2019

Revenue management is unquestionably becoming more important for hotels in an ever-more competitive market. Revenue Management Systems play an important role in automating pricing, but hotels should not see these as a one-stop solution to all their problems. There are bigger strategic questions that need answering.

Online Travel

Online Travel Agency Briefing: Highlights of Booking Holdings’ and Expedia Group’s 2018 Earnings

There's a reason we love earnings season: lot's of interesting new company data points.