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What travel industry stakeholders need to know about artificial intelligence, next-gen distribution, and other innovations that will impact business


The Hotel Revenue Management Landscape 2019

Revenue management is unquestionably becoming more important for hotels in an ever-more competitive market. Revenue Management Systems play an important role in automating pricing, but hotels should not see these as a one-stop solution to all their problems. There are bigger strategic questions that need answering.

Online Travel

Online Travel Agency Briefing: Highlights of Booking Holdings’ and Expedia Group’s 2018 Earnings

There's a reason we love earnings season: lot's of interesting new company data points.

Venture Capital

Venture Investment Trends and Startup Opportunities in Travel

Analyzing startups helps us understand what the future of travel holds. The latest generation of startups promises innovation across many facets of travel: hospitality, tours, airlines, business travel, and more.

Marketing and Media

The State of Marketing Technology in Travel 2019

The role of marketing technology in the travel industry has passed the threshold of adoption, but significant attention is still required to bring the technology at work into its true and central role, industry-wide.

Online Travel

Skift Research E-Book: The Amazon Factor in Travel

Amazon's influence over travelers is likely to grow. Perhaps it will be a direct competitor, or maybe an advertising partner. In either case, travel companies need to pay careful attention. Our limited edition e-book evaluates lessons, threats, and opportunities that Amazon presents for the travel industry.

Venture Capital

Skift Research E-Book: The New Wave of Venture Capital and Startups in Travel

The travel industry, no stranger to disruption, is experiencing a new wave of venture-backed startups. These businesses are generally larger than ever before and focused on bringing new customers and products into the digital travel fold. We expect this momentum to continue and for it have an impact on executives, founders, and investors throughout the sector.


The State of Airline Distribution 2018

The airline distribution ecosystem often gets unfairly labeled as being populated by dinosaurs. Our sense is that industry players are making genuine attempts to modernize, it’s just that it takes a long time to turn around such a titanic ship. We break down this complex and, at times, intimidating topic by reviewing the current landscape and inspecting four key fault lines in the space.


A Deep Dive Into Airbnb 2018: Tackling Roadblocks on the Runway

Airbnb continues to revolutionize the accommodation bookings industry while disrupting other sectors like tours and activities, restaurant reservations, and more. As the company heads towards a potential IPO, we tackle some of the key hurdles in its way including increasing regulation, impacts to housing markets, and its evolving role in both hospitality and distribution.

Online Travel

The State of Online Travel Agencies 2018 Part III: India and Latin America

Emerging markets will shape the future of the travel industry but each region requires a unique strategy. MakeMyTrip and Despegar, online travel leaders in India and Latin America, provide unique insights into how to succeed their respective home markets.

Online Travel

The State of Online Travel Agencies 2018 Part II: Supply

Many online travel agencies are no longer specialists in one product, instead aiming to become one-stop shops. The platform that a booking site can offer is a key part of its competitive moat and the contours of supply at Booking Holding and Expedia vary widely from each other.

U.S. Traveler In-Destination Mobile Usage Survey 2018

Mobile has become a key component of the in-destination experience for U.S. travelers today. From finding things to do, to spontaneous bookings, mobile apps and websites have a role to play at each part of the in-destination journey. Travel brands that can find a meaningful place in this mobile journey have a lot to gain.


The State of the Hotel Tech Stack 2018

In today’s environment, hoteliers can no longer sit idly by, complacent with the tech systems and hardware that they have been using for decades. Those that focus on tech in terms of the overall customer journey will not only delight guests, but also outpace competitors in sales and ROI.