Report Overview

Skift Research’s latest report on the evolution of airline distribution provides a holistic view of the changing landscape in the airline industry. Distribution, which remains the backbone of ticketing, sales, and commercial systems for airlines has evolved in the last 10 years. Using the new industry standard, airlines can now offer more services through their distribution channels unlike before. We provide an in-depth analysis of the evolving strategies employed by airlines and the rewards that they are reaping.

Our analysis provides useful insights into the shifting dynamics of the distribution value chain as airlines increasingly disengage from the traditional legacy distribution strategy. The travel sector in the aftermath of the pandemic has seen many challenges, opportunities, and changes in customer behaviours which has led to many changes in the wider travel industry. We will also look at how other participants, especially traveler sellers, in the distribution value chain, are responding to the visible acceleration in distribution reforms by airlines.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Overview of the legacy airline distribution model and its limitations
  • Understanding the modern airline distribution and the value at stake
  • New Distribution Capability (NDC) and how it revolutionizes indirect channels
  • How airlines have benefited from more direct distribution
  • The challenges faced by travel management companies (TMC) in the post pandemic world
  • The rise of tech-first TMCs
  • Modern Retailing 2.0: Offers and Order Model and ONE Order
  • The opportunity cost of not embracing modern distribution strategy