Report Overview

This year, Skift Research has taken a different approach to its travel outlook. Rather than a written report, we have decided to present key themes for the year ahead along with backing charts, data, and quotes.

Our themes progress from a broad economic outlook and get progressively more specific. We cover why we believe leisure travel will return faster than business, but also why business travel is far from dead in the long-run.

We discuss how the pandemic has driven changes in capital, investment, and consolidation across the travel industry. And what these changes mean in the face of a fragmented regional recovery.

All across the globe, people appreciate the value that travel brings to their lives. When people earn more money, they choose to spend it on travel. This holds true across a vast range of human differences — cultural, geographical, religious, historical, generational, and more.

9/11 certainly changed the way we travel — we still queue at airport security after all — but it didn’t stop it. So too, we expect coronavirus to transform, but not stop, the travel industry.

Please use the link below to download your copy of this year’s report.