Report Overview

This Analyst Session discusses the state of venture capital investing in the global travel market and provides useful insights for founders, investors, and incumbents alike. It serves as a supplement to our Skift Research Report, Venture Investment Trends and Startup Opportunities in Travel 2018. We review market sizing, active investors, and funding trends. We also try to separate fact from fiction in emerging technologies, such as blockchain. Lastly, we cover growing businesses in emerging economies and rising verticals.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The size of the travel startup financing market
  • Trends in corporate venture capital investments and partnerships
  • Challenges facing founders of early stage startups
  • A look at travel startup 'unicorns' and their year of change
  • Growth in emerging markets, such as China and India
  • Separating hype from reality in emerging technologies
  • Trends in verticals, including tours and activities