Report Overview

This Analyst Session discusses the state of technology in the vacation rental market and provides useful insights for property managers and owners, technologists and investors alike. It serves as a supplement to our Skift Research Report, Decoding the Modern Vacation Rental Technology Landscape. We review the current state of the market, take a deep dive into the tech stack and segment the different types of end-customers. Lastly, we discuss our outlook for consolidation, professionalization, and convergence with hotel tech.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Why technology is so important to the vacation rental space
  • How software can help vacation rental operators drive sales
  • Which tech solutions are creating operational efficiencies
  • Who the three major types of vacation rental managers are and why their needs differ
  • Why some tech solutions could consolidate while others will to remain independent
  • Why we believe there could be a convergence between vacation rental and hotel technology