Report Overview

In this Skift Research Analyst Session we discuss the global vacation rentals landscape and look at how the industry is quickly evolving when it comes to vacation rental managers and the digital tools and platforms they use to fill their properties. We talk about what's happening with Airbnb in the context of the professionally managed segment of the business. We outline the landscape in terms of competition and the companies that are setting themselves up for success in this increasingly competitive market. We also highlight topline data from our 2017 U.S. High-Income Traveler Survey including attitudinal data on what high-income travelers think about Airbnb and rentals as an alternative to traditional hotels.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The State of the Vacation Rental Industry
  • Airbnb's positioning in Vacation Rentals
  • Vacation Rental Inventory
  • Supply of Inventory
  • Distribution Marketplaces
  • Management Tech
  • Vacation Rental Funding
  • Profiling the Vacation Rental User