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Episode 1: Google’s Reach and Impact on Travel

Skift Research Take

Google's steady push into the online travel space has deep implications for both established players and aspiring startups.

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In our first Skift Analyst Streamcast, we discuss Google's steady and seemingly relentless push into online travel. From search to bookings to reviews to the launch of Flights and Hotel Ads, the search giant has made its intentions quite clear. Established players are rightfully concerned about what Google means for the future of travel. Our panel presents slides and data on market share and other stats while discussing impacts on the overall landscape.

Topics Covered

  • Google’s vast and complex reach in the travel industry
  • Online travel consolidation
  • Digital Transformation Survey results
  • Google’s travel windfall
  • Google Flights
  • Hotel Ads
  • Why Google is not becoming an OTA


  • Luke Bujarski - Director, Skift Research
  • Dennis Schaal - Executive Editor, Skift
  • Jared Wein - Senior Analyst, Skift Research

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