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What travel industry stakeholders need to know about artificial intelligence, next-gen distribution, and other innovations that will impact business

Evolving Strategies in Travel Ad Tech and Bookings

As media buying and delivery technology expands in every industry, travel marketers are competing to identify, reach, and convert consumers in an increasingly complex display-ad environment. Their strategies to do so are evolving, as technology provides newly dynamic and newly granular tools across a spectrum of devices and platforms.


The Rise of Location Data in Travel

Location data represents an entirely new layer of digital information that travel marketers can utilize to understand potential customers and engage travelers with compelling stories about destinations. The opportunity to use location data is particularly compelling for tourism organizations, which have traditionally served as an intermediary between travelers and local businesses.


Travel Metasearch: What’s Coming Next

Metasearch is the biggest battleground in the online travel agency versus travel brands fight for consumer eyeballs and loyalties, and a tool for hotels to compete against other brands at the property level. What’s in store during its next phase?


What the Sharing Economy Means to the Future of Travel

Collaborative consumption, once an idealist niche for hitchhikers and backpackers, has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the economic, social and technological changes of the past decade. How can incumbent companies learn from this fast-growing segment of the travel industry?


The Rise of Mobile Booking in Travel

Mobile commerce is growing in importance for the travel industry, but poor design and mobile user interface sometimes means that travel planning and inspiration that starts on mobile often results in booking through a more traditional channel. How can travel brands book more sales from this fast-growing medium?


The Future of Hotel In-Room Entertainment

A deep dive into the rapidly-changing state of in-room entertainment.