The State of Hotel In-Room Technology

by Stacey Higgins + Skift Team - Mar 2015

Skift Research Take

Driven by consumer demand for connectivity and convenience, hotels that prioritize technology are banking on in-room features that provide a return on innovation.

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Executive summary

With the pace of consumer technology moving at breakneck speed, the hotel is a place where high-tech meets a high-contact industry. No doubt, technology is at the forefront of allowing guests the freedom to do what they choose during a hotel stay, according to hotel executives.

This report examines the work that goes into meeting that ever-changing guest demand for complete control within the guestroom. There are many ways to approach in-room technology, but the best hotels use technology to make the hotel stay more enjoyable through ease of use and often imperceptible innovations.

One thing is certain: Gone are the days of wasting money on shiny objects. “There was a time where hotels were putting DVD players and fax machines in guestrooms and figuring out how to give all this technology to the guest, said Wayne Goldberg, president and CEO of La Quinta Inns & Suites, during a recent interview with Skift. “What’s really changed is that today it isn’t about giving the guest the technology. Today it’s about giving the guest the capability of leveraging all of the technology that they’re traveling with.”

When hotels consider the smartphone as a portal to a multitude of capabilities within hotel operations and a conduit for guest feedback, the experience feel effortless to the customer.

Yet that effortless experience leaves hotels working hard to keep up. Recent studies indicate that in-room technology is an area of high investment. And not a moment too soon– guestroom technology is just starting to catch up with the capabilities of the devices that nearly all guests carry with them when they enter a hotel.

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