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Online Travel

Deep dives and market research into the dominant players and digital upstarts that shape how consumers buy travel online

A Deep Dive Into Facebook’s Impact on Travel

Facebook has transformed itself from a social media site into a powerful digital media platform that is now spreading its footprint across the travel industry. Facebook’s ability to dynamically retarget consumers combined with the ads being visual, aspirational, cost-effective, and largely in-app for Facebook’s massive and highly-engaged user base will make the platform an increasingly important tool for the travel industry.



Episode 1: Google’s Reach and Impact on Travel

Google's steady push into the online travel space has deep implications for both established players and aspiring startups.


A Deep Dive Into TripAdvisor’s Competitive Position In Travel 2016

TripAdvisor has managed to insert itself into just about every segment of travel. Like an octopus, its tentacles reach wide from accommodations to restaurant reviews.


The State of Mobile Booking 2016

An in-depth look at the trends that are driving booking via smartphones and tablets, the challenges holding the market back, and strategies for businesses in the travel and hospitality industries.


The State of Mobile Booking 2015

How do top executives and mobile gurus in travel view the dramatic shift toward mobile that’s under way and what does it mean for lookers, bookers and the bottom line? This Skift Trends Report traces some of the seminal shifts of 2014, from the dramatic rise in mobile bookings to same-day hotel-booking trends and marketing trends that impact mobile development.


Evolving Strategies in Travel Ad Tech and Bookings

As media buying and delivery technology expands in every industry, travel marketers are competing to identify, reach, and convert consumers in an increasingly complex display-ad environment. Their strategies to do so are evolving, as technology provides newly dynamic and newly granular tools across a spectrum of devices and platforms.


The Rise of Mobile Booking in Travel

Mobile commerce is growing in importance for the travel industry, but poor design and mobile user interface sometimes means that travel planning and inspiration that starts on mobile often results in booking through a more traditional channel. How can travel brands book more sales from this fast-growing medium?