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Skift Research Mid-Year Report Recap

With the Skift Research team busy working on upcoming research, data and insights we recap our hottest reports so far this year. Make sure to check out our most popular and must-have reports of the first half of 2017!

3 months ago

The State of Skift Research: Our Summer Subscriber Update

Skift Research is hot, hot, hot moving into the summer months and into the second half of 2017. We are growing our team to keep up with demand for more insights, data, and custom work - all thanks to our committed base of subscribers and clients.

4 months ago

Take Skift’s Survey, Travel Habits of The Travel Industry

Those of us working in the travel industry have unique preferences when it comes to travel products and platforms. Let us know how you travel.

6 months ago

Take Skift’s 2017 Hotel Direct Booking Survey

Hotel distribution is at a crossroads. Help the travel industry understand the true future of direct bookings.

7 months ago

Take Skift’s 2017 Digital Destinations Survey

Are you a destination marketer? Help us understand this new era of digital marketing and advertising for place brands.

7 months ago

Measuring Preference for ‘Local Engagement’ in an Era of Immersive Travel Marketing

Emphasizing connection with local culture and community is a great way to blanket pitch a travel brand, but "living like a local" may not be for everyone. Attitudinal data can help travel marketers understand tolerance levels for local engagement, and what your target customer actually wants out of their travel experience.

8 months ago

Introducing: Skift Research and Our 2017 Travel Research Canvas

2017 will be a big year for Skift Research. We are on a mission to transform our knowledge services from a nice-to-have, to a must-have resource for smart decision-makers and savvy executives in travel.

10 months ago

Analyst View: Direct Booking Campaigns Still Not Hurting Expedia

Large hotel chains have been successful in increasing direct bookings, but the actual economic impact on Expedia remains minimal. We continue to believe that Direct Booking campaigns do not need to escalate into a war.

10 months ago

Skift Research: 2017 Digital Transformation Survey Topline Results

Travel brands are certainly not immune to the tectonic shifts now ripping apart traditional digital marketing strategies. Our 2017 Digital Transformation Survey reveals that many in the industry are in fact unprepared to cope with the deluge of new digital content formats now pervading the traveler mindset.

12 months ago

Skift Research: The 2016 Experiential Traveler Survey

Travel is an emotional journey full of ups-and-downs. Our 2016 Experiential Traveler Survey exposed some compelling realities about traveler preferences and tolerances for technology usage, brand engagement, and product offering. How will you connect with your audience along that journey?

12 months ago