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U.S. Affluent Traveler Trends 2018: Annual Survey on Travel Behavior

The relative spending power of affluent Americans makes them an attractive and strategic group for travel brands to target. The results of our second annual U.S. Affluent Traveler Survey help us understand key trends when it comes to their travel preferences, attitudes, and behaviors. Segmenting further by other characteristics allows us to create a more refined consumer portrait of such a lucrative, complex, and diverse group.


Room for Optimism: 2018 Global Travel Market Outlook

There is room for optimism heading into 2018 for the global travel industry. Emerging and developing markets are showing healthy signs of growth, and global consumer and business confidence is high. Policy uncertainty and geopolitical tensions can’t be ignored, but outside of any major shock, we expect travel to benefit from a solid year of macroeconomic growth in 2018.


U.S. Experiential Traveler Trends 2018: Annual Survey on Traveler Behavior, Motivations and Preferences

The data collected from our second annual Experiential Traveler Survey presents a deep dive into the mindset of the modern traveler. We dig into their values, attitudes, travel behavior, and more.

The Rise of Lifestyle Branding in Travel

Why are brands like Apple, Disney and Nike are among the world’s most valuable? Because they’re able to embody a lifestyle, offering consumers access to an emotional connection that goes well beyond their product offering. As more travel companies look to redefine their offerings around the lifestyle brand concept, often with limited resources to do so, what strategies will they use to grow and thrive?

Social Media Customer Service Strategies for Travel Brands 2015

Social media plays an increasingly central role in the customer service efforts of hospitality brands, requiring a hotels and airlines to respond more quickly, personally and publicly to customer issues. Successful brands have embraced social care, not just to solve problems, but to elevate the travel experience.

How the On-Demand Economy Is Reshaping the Travel Experience

The on-demand economy is on the rise, but what does on-demand mean, exactly? In this report, a look at the nature of a technology-driven sea change in consumer behavior and the business models emerging to meet it in the travel industry.

The Future of Wearables in Travel

As consumers increasingly embrace wearables, those in the travel and hospitality industry are turning to this hardware to reach and engage their audience, and improve the customer experience. From technology that lets guests unlock their rooms to boarding passes displayed on your wrist, wearables are becoming an important part of the traveler’s journey.

Content Marketing Strategies for Airlines

Content has historically put airlines at the cutting edge of the travel sector, with carriers setting many content management precedents, well ahead of grounded brands. While the world's leading carriers and flagship brands have always been content producers, they have become more sophisticated introducing innovative approaches to content production and media utilization.

The Future of the Aircraft Cabin: Tracking Trends & Debunking Myths

Leading visionaries of aviation industry cabin design share their views on class structure, the challenges and complications of designing for the needs of a variety of travelers, as well as insights into the misconceptions of what is happening behind the scenes of the aircraft interiors design industry.

Social Media Customer Service in the Travel Industry

With a the growing amount of technology platforms to reach brands, social media has become an important space for customer service. In order to keep up with the popularity of these platforms and increasing amount of social interactions, brands are adapting by structuring their teams and departments to deal with volumes of inquiries in a personalized way.

The Rapid Ascent of In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment is a hotly contested sector of the cabin interiors and inflight services sectors. Over the past twenty years it has evolved into from a one-size-fits-all entertainment platform to a highly customized and personalized multimedia entertainment experience, and it’s only just getting started. The evolution of the theatre in the skies is a trend to watch closely in years to come.

The Reinvention of Airline and Hotel Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have become a multi-billion dollar revenue stream for travel companies, yet this success has come at the expense of their original purpose: forging stronger connections with customers. How can marketers capitalize on new innovations in technology and shifts in traveler behavior to build more genuine customer loyalty and larger profits in the future?