Report Overview

Skift Research presents U.S. Experiential Traveler Trends 2018: Skift Research’s Annual Survey & Data Analysis on Traveler Behavior, Motivations & Preferences. In the second iteration of the Experiential Traveler Survey, we collected responses from a total of 2,341 respondents, classified as Avid Travelers and Non-Avid Travelers. Using an 11-question screener to identify these groups, those who qualified as Avid Travelers then completed the full 55+ question survey. In this project, we begin by comparing Avid Travelers to Non-Avid Travelers, along with the aggregate of the data as a representation of the U.S. population. The Avid Traveler group is then analyzed in more detail, examining their travel habits, preferences, and attitudes.

U.S. Experiential Traveler Trends 2018 presents survey results and provides analysis of data covering the following topics:

  • Domestic and international trip incidence
  • Travel motivations and trip planning
  • Top motivators for leisure travel
  • Personal values about wellness and well-being
  • Incidence on rental accommodations across brands
  • Preference rates for hotel vs. rental accommodations
  • Satisfaction rates on Airbnb rentals
  • Preferences for on-property hotel amenities
  • Hotel spending habits and booking channels
  • Accommodation and airline brand preferences
  • Attitudes toward leisure trip planning
  • Attitudes toward sources of user-generated reviews
  • Incidence based on destination type
  • In-destination traveler behavior
  • And More

Survey Methodology:

Respondents were screened based on their travel history. Those who had taken at least one leisure trip, one round-trip flight for non-business purposes, and stayed at a hotel for at least one night in the last 12 months qualified to complete the entire survey, with 1,208 respondents meeting these criteria. The remaining 1,133 respondents did not meet these qualifications and took only the screener. This survey was fielded via a trusted-third party consumer panel provider.