Report Overview

The U.S. travel industry seems to be in full recovery mode. In July, 53% of Americans traveled, a 5-percentage-point jump from the same time last year and the highest since we started to track American consumers’ travel behavior in January 2020. Similarly, according to our recently published Skift Travel Health Index: July 2022 Highlights report, June U.S. travel performance was 3 points higher than June 2019 and July was barely 1 point below July 2019.

Falling gas prices and another round of interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve to ease inflation are having some positive impact on consumer confidence. In August, 57% of Americans believe the U.S. economy will fare worse in the next 12 months, 3 points lower than two months ago.

Remote work and hybrid work remain stable, still accounting for nearly half of the American workforce. And those remote workers continue to travel more and take longer trips.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Travel incidences, January 2020–July 2022
  • July 2022 travel highlights
  • Covid impacted travel, July 2020–July 2022
  • Changing consumer sentiments on the economic outlook, February 2020–August 2022
  • Consumer attitude on travel prices and its impact on their travel plans
  • Consumer intent for end of summer travel
  • Remote work trend and its impact on travel and mobility