Report Overview

Travel is back! While 2022 was all about bumper performances in some countries and sectors, and lagging performances in others, we can truly say that 2023 is the year that travel fully recovered. Sure, there continue to be weaknesses in demand, issues with supply, and a nagging worry about the broader economy, but everything points to travel getting back to the status quo.

This State of Travel 2023 report, then, is a positive report, but we want the industry to be clear-eyed about the persisting and upcoming challenges. We have gone to great lengths to explore key trends (and fads) from different angles, to provide you, the reader, with a strong foundation and understanding of the world you work and live in.

This report highlights many opportunities. We discuss the biggest consumer, business, and investment trends, so you can stress-test, and where needed alter, your strategies. Take this report as a starting point for discussions about how your company, association, or destination can benefit from these opportunities.

The report draws on Skift Research’s own research and third-party data sources to analyze the industry’s current performance, and chart travel’s path forward, all backed by real-world data. We provide over 250 graphs and statistics in this deck.

The first section of the report covers travel’s performance, as well as the wider economic landscape. The second section is all about trends. Finally, the third section provides sectoral coverage with quick overviews of every noteworthy travel sector.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • 250+ insights defining the state of travel today and the trends that will shape the future
  • Proprietary and third-party data showing how the travel industry is performing on the back off the Covid pandemic
  • Regional overviews of travel and tourism performance, based on proprietary Skift Research data
  • Discussions of the economic climate and major consumer, business, and investment trends, including the impact of AI, the return of business travel, luxury travel, sustainability, and operational constraints
  • Data-driven insights on the current state of all travel sectors: airlines, hotels, short-term rentals, online travel, traditional travel agents, multi-day tour operators, tours and activities, cruise, and car rental