Report Overview

Pictures of neighbors singing on their balconies and applauding health workers beamed across the world from Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It was April 2020, the peak of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Europe was undoubtedly the hardest hit region worldwide, and currently finds itself in a second wave which in terms of new cases dwarfs the first one.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed European governments to take unprecedented steps, including strict national lockdowns, evening curfews, and in mid-2020 the closing of national borders. In the European Union, a bloc shaped around the ideas of free movement of people and goods, these steps highlight the fear for the spread of the virus.

These restrictions have also had, and still have, a major impact on European travel behavior. In this report we look at the pre-COVID travel patterns of EU residents, and how the pandemic has changed these patterns. We highlight some segments of the travel industry which have seen better than expected performance, and analyze what 2021 has in store for the bloc.

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