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Understand how the travel industry both understands and communicates to consumers using emerging technology and the best legacy methods

The Rise of the Silent Traveler: Reaching Out to the Mobile-First Travel Consumer

The silent traveler turns to their mobile devices, instead of in-person interaction, for highly personalized responses to in-trip challenges. In this report, we examine the changes that these customers are creating across industry verticals — and we look at the important opportunities they now present to travel brands that can adapt to their dynamic and evolving expectations.


The Rapid Ascent of In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment is a hotly contested sector of the cabin interiors and inflight services sectors. Over the past twenty years it has evolved into from a one-size-fits-all entertainment platform to a highly customized and personalized multimedia entertainment experience, and it’s only just getting started. The evolution of the theatre in the skies is a trend to watch closely in years to come.


The Next Phase of Online Reputation Management for Travel Brands

With travelers increasingly influenced by online reviews, hotels & destinations are expanding their attention to more sophisticated strategies surrounding management, response, and analysis of consumer feedback. Meanwhile, tech firms are providing fresh approaches to online reputation management that foreground data, curation, and the mobile review experience.


Evolving Strategies in Travel Ad Tech and Bookings

As media buying and delivery technology expands in every industry, travel marketers are competing to identify, reach, and convert consumers in an increasingly complex display-ad environment. Their strategies to do so are evolving, as technology provides newly dynamic and newly granular tools across a spectrum of devices and platforms.


The Rise of Location Data in Travel

Location data represents an entirely new layer of digital information that travel marketers can utilize to understand potential customers and engage travelers with compelling stories about destinations. The opportunity to use location data is particularly compelling for tourism organizations, which have traditionally served as an intermediary between travelers and local businesses.


Online Video Strategies in the Travel Industry

Online video is rapidly eclipsing television as the most effective channel for travel marketing, especially for brands targeting younger demographics. What can marketers learn from the successes of travel industry leaders?


The Rise of the Millennial Traveler

With Millennials expected to soon surpass Boomers in overall travel spending, hotels, booking sites and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are retooling their product, branding, business models and communication methods. Here’s what they should prepare for.


The Rise of Destination Marketing Through Movies and TV

Entertainment inspires people to travel. The destinations where movies and television shows are filmed have the potential to attract film tourists with smart, timely marketing.


Content Marketing Trends in the Travel Industry

Today’s travelers are not as swayed by traditional advertising as they once were. Travel marketers need to inspire and engage customers through content marketing long before they even begin to plan their trips.