Content Marketing Trends in the Travel Industry

by The Skift Team - Oct 2013

Skift Research Take

Today’s travelers are not as swayed by traditional advertising as they once were. Travel marketers need to inspire and engage customers through content marketing long before they even begin to plan their trips.

Report Overview

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Executive summary

For the first century of mass media, marketers had to essentially rent space on publishers pages and interrupt their content with advertising. Travel companies today are increasingly owning the media that distributes their messages and creating the content that people want to read.

Consumers want to be informed, entertained, and inspired, not sold.

While it isn’t new that travel companies and destinations are making original content to promote themselves, it is now the topic du jour among the marketing set. It makes a lot of sense for the travel industry: Consumers want to be informed, entertained and inspired, and modern content marketing builds the brand in consumers’ minds without an overt sales pitch.

This report will define the trend toward content marketing in the travel industry and show what led to its growth. It will also discuss what types of content and platforms marketers have at their disposal. Lastly, it will showcase examples of content marketing for travel brands and destinations and use those to establish actionable insights for producing and deploying original content.