Report Overview

Skift Research’s annual deep dive into venture capital in travel finds the landscape upended by the pandemic. Venture capitalists invested $4.9B of new capital into the travel industry in 2020. This is better than feared though still a whopping 55% decline from 2019. Asia, once the largest market for travel startups, was down 80%.

However, there were some bright spots. The U.S. and Canada saw a 6% increase and new investment vehicles — SPACs — have raised over $7B and are hunting for deals in the space.

This report analyzes hundreds of venture deals to highlight the most prominent startups and the emerging industry trends they represent. It also digs into the players of the travel startup ecosystem including the most prominent venture investors by region and the most active M&A buyers.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The size of the travel startup financing market, 2011–2020
  • Key 2020 funding trends In travel , including top themes and regions
  • Top 2020 investors in the travel space, by number of deals, deal sizes and region
  • Major 2020 funding deals by region, size, company, and sector
  • Analysis of exit opportunities, including top acquirers of travel startups and SPACs