Report Overview

Travel is one of the world’s largest industries, ripe for innovation and disruption. That’s exactly what the latest wave of travel startups is bringing to the table. That wave rose to new heights in 2018, when startups raised $7.5 billion of venture capital, across 647 deals, the highest level of travel venture funding ever.

We find that the scope of travel venture capital has expanded as well and no longer does just one company, like Airbnb, dominate the conversation. Startups are making their presence known across nearly every travel subsector: hospitality, alternative accommodations, tours and activities, air transportation, and business travel.

In this report, we examine venture investment trends in travel to understand where startups are innovating and growing. Travel startups of the last few years have already disrupted some of the largest sectors in our industry and we expect this momentum to continue.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • An overview of travel startup financing market
  • Regional trends in travel venture capital
  • Highlights of which subsectors are attracting the most investor attention
  • Deep dives into startup trends in accommodations, tours and activities, air transportation, and business travel

Executives Interviewed

  • Amiad Soto, CEO and founder of Guesty
  • Amy Burr, managing director, strategic partnerships at JetBlue Technology Ventures
  • Chris Hemmeter, managing director at Thayer Ventures
  • Erik Blachford, venture Partner at Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV)
  • Raj Singh, managing director at JetBlue Technology Ventures
  • Vanessa de Souza Lage, CMO of Rentals United and Founder of VRTech Events