Report Overview

This report explores various stages of the travel journey, decoding customer perceptions and spending habits, and offers key takeaways for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) and travel suppliers based on the survey data.

We conducted a survey aimed at capturing insights into the travel behavior and emerging trends among Chinese consumers. By engaging directly with this audience, we sought to gain a comprehensive perspective on their preferences, motivations, and expectations when it comes to travel. The findings from this survey provide valuable insights for businesses and industry professionals looking to tap into the lucrative Chinese travel market.

In the dreaming stage, we identify the countries and cities that Chinese travelers are longing to visit. Moving on to the planning stage, the report explores various aspects such as travel duration, preferred travel companions,  planning sources, and popular travel products.

In the booking stage, the report uncovers insights about the booking window and the gap between the desire to travel and making actual bookings. It also highlights the dominance of third-party bookings in the Chinese travel market. When it comes to in-destination behavior, the report talks about the activities Chinese indulge in and also how does their spend vary across various travel spend categories.

The report also sheds light on the economic outlook of Chinese travelers, showcasing their optimism about the economy, increased savings, improved financial status, and their willingness to splurge on travel experiences.

Lastly, the report concludes with key takeaways for DMOs and suppliers based on the survey data. These insights provide valuable guidance on how to effectively target and engage Chinese travelers, enabling them to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the upcoming travel boom.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Dream destinations of Chinese and factors that influence their destination choice
  • Aspects of the travel planning stage including ravel duration, preferred travel companions,  planning sources, and popular travel products
  • Booking patterns
  • In-destination travel behaviour
  • Chinese view on the economic condition and spending behaviour