Report Overview

Spring break didn’t seem to have a big impact for U.S. travel. In March, 41% of Americans traveled, unchanged from January, when it’s traditionally one of the slowest travel months. However, when comparing to March 2021 (35%), this is still a very uplifting number.

In general, we see a much more normalized travel pattern which is comparable to the pre-pandemic trends in leisure travel. However, business travel continues to be slow to recover. Travel demand and flight rate for business trips are still very low compared to the pre-pandemic level.

March also saw a big drop in outbound travel. While nearly 9% of January trips were outbound, only 4.4% of March trips were. The Russian invasion of Ukraine might’ve played a role in deterring Americans from traveling overseas, especially to the adjacent European countries.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Travel incidences, January 2020–March 2022
  • March 2022 travel highlights
  • Covid impacted travel, March 2021–March 2022
  • Changing consumer sentiments on the economic outlook, February 2020–April 2022
  • Consumer intent for 2022 travel
  • Remote work trend and its impact on travel and mobility
  • Covid vaccine rate and its impact on travel