Report Overview

“The Luxury Traveler: Survey Findings” offers a comprehensive look into luxury travel, revealing the preferences of affluent travelers in the U.S. in five key sections. It begins by defining luxury travel and explores the motivations behind it, opinions of the affluent on sustainability, wellness, and adventure tourism, hybrid work etc.

The report then delves into travel inspiration, sources, planning methods, and emerging trends like blended travel experiences. It examines destination choices, companions, trip durations, and preferred travel options.

Furthermore, it discusses transportation preferences, from commercial flights to private jets, and explores accommodation choices, including hotels and vacation rentals.

The “In-Destination Trends” section analyzes spending habits and preferences during travel, covering expenditures and activities.

Lastly, the report anticipates the future of luxury travel, including upcoming plans, destinations, travel frequency, and budget adjustments.

This report serves as a vital resource for businesses and industry stakeholders aiming to cater to the unique needs of luxury travelers in an ever-evolving travel landscape.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Understanding Luxury Travel 
  • Travel Inspiration and Planning
  • Travel and Accommodation Preferences​
  • In-Destination Trends
  • ​Luxury Travel Outlook: Next 12 Months