Report Overview

Airline loyalty programs were originally developed as tools to compete in a hypercompetitive market, but have evolved and transformed over the years into profit centers for the airlines. 

These programs have turned into platform-based businesses for airlines which are scalable and create marketplaces for buyers and sellers to make efficient transactions. They are asset light and enable the airline to extend the boundaries of its scope while also enabling businesses to acquire, manage and monetize customer data. 

The value proposition offered by loyalty programs to the customers and the strong program economics have prompted airlines across the globe to rethink their commercial strategy and invest heavily into them. Although loyalty programs have existed since 1981, technology has enabled continued innovation in these programs.

In this report we launch our first Airline Loyalty Assessment Model where we look at some of the best and the most highly-rated loyalty programs in the world. Our proprietary model extensively covers a wide spectrum of parameters from business health of the program, to program partnerships and other key features. This allows us to draw interesting insights into how each program performs. 

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • How Airline Loyalty programs have evolved and transformed over the years
  • Difference between legacy and modern loyalty programs
  • Introduction to Skift Research’s Airline Loyalty Assessment Model
  • Rankings of the best loyalty programs in all major categories
  • Key Insights, findings and discussions from our assessment model