Report Overview

Many hoteliers would have seen payment processors and gateways simply as an enabler of doing business, without spending too much time on how the whole system works or what they are paying for. This has drastically changed, as the shift to more digital and alternative forms of payment have been accelerated by the pandemic and new legislation.

This report sets out how consumer payment habits are changing, and provides an overview of the payment ecosystem in the hotel industry. It discusses a number of trends that will shape the space over the coming years, touching on topics like the boom in fintech, hotel tech vendors moving into payment services, fraud prevention and tokenization, and the b2b payment space.

Hoteliers, tech vendors, and hotel investors need to understand the changes in payment habits, as well as movements in the fintech space, to create more revenue as we come out of the pandemic.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • How consumer payment habits are changing due to digitization, sped up by the pandemic
  • The payment landscape in the hotel industry, with the most important players
  • What the boom in fintech means for the hotel industry
  • How hotel tech vendors are looking to benefit from an increased focus on payments
  • How the latest concerns around fraud and security are addressed, and what shortcomings the current technology has
  • How the b2b payments space struggles to benefit from the progress made in the b2c space
  • Where opportunities for growth lie within the payment ecosystem

Executives Interviewed

  • Michael Balzer - Vice President Shiji Payment Solutions at Shiji
  • Fleur Besteman – Program Manager Hospitality at Adyen
  • Jim Casale - Vice President Product Management, Global Payments at Onyx CenterSource
  • Jeff Edwards - Senior Vice President Property, Owner and Enterprise Products and Platforms, IHG Hotels & Resorts
  • Simon Eve - Head of Travel at Trustly
  • Pierre-Charles Grob - CEO at D-Edge
  • Jirka Helmich - Chief Product Officer at Mews
  • Eric Liebman - Former Global Head of Travel and Airlines at Ingenico (Worldline)
  • Tracy McGrath- Lead Global Payment Strategist at Oracle Hospitality
  • Mark Rademaker – VP Hospitality APAC at Adyen
  • Jos Schaap - CEO and Co-founder at Roomdex
  • Erik Tengen – Co-Founder at Oaky