Report Overview

The use of digital marketing and advertising technology can help hotels increase direct bookings, draw in new customers, speed up social media reaction times, and improve their overall content strategy. When used effectively, it can improve team productivity and aid marketers in avoiding feeling overwhelmed by distribution across numerous channels and reaching the right audience.

Efficient utilization of these tools, however, remains an emerging skill, and travel leaders are working on closing the gap in terms of the skills required to achieve the same. While smaller companies are likely to take longer to create robust systems and larger organizations may achieve maturity in the near term, audience segmentation, personalization, and targeting capabilities remain key focus points for the industry. This makes marketing and advertising technology valuable additions to a hotel’s tech stack.

The data in this report is accurate as of June 2023. For the latest updated information, Skift Research subscribers can access our Hotel Tech Benchmark dashboard, which is updated periodically as we collect more data from hotel tech vendors.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Current and future growth potential of digital marketing and advertising tech
  • Total market penetration
  • Top Vendors market penetration
  • Revenue distribution for vendors
  • Total market penetration for vendors based on total number of hotels and rooms they service