Report Overview

We have seen the hotel and short-term rental industry converging in what Skift’s CEO Rafat Ali has talked about as the Great Merging. The differences between hotels and rentals are blurring to the traveler, as rentals are professionalizing and hotels move into the rental space. Meanwhile, short-term rental providers are looking to offer branding and hotel-like services in the rental space, encroaching on hotels.

This report focuses on the business-to-business technology space, questioning whether tech vendors in the hotel and short-term rental space are looking beyond their own enclave and work to merge the technology sections, what challenges and opportunities there are to merging the hotel and short-term rental tech sectors, and the potential evolution of this over the coming years. Rather than focusing on the convergence of consumer-facing sections of the industry, like booking platforms or lodging brands, this report is exclusively focused on the technology used by operators to manage and distribute their inventory.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The driving forces between the convergence of the hotel and short-term rental sectors
  • The barriers to convergence of the hotel and rental business-to-business tech sectors
  • Skift Research's view on what the future merging of these two sectors will look like

Executives Interviewed

  • Julie Brinkman - CEO, Beyond
  • Sean Fitzpatrick - CEO, OTA Insight
  • Jeremy Gall - Founder and CEO, Breezeway
  • Klaus Kohlmayr - Chief Evangelist and Development Officer, IDeaS Revenue Solutions
  • Mike Liverton - Chairman, Jetstream
  • Tanya Pratt - VP, Opera Cloud Strategy and Product Management, Oracle Hospitality
  • Vered Raviv Schwarz - President and COO, Guesty
  • Christopher Smith - CEO and Co-founder, Kipsu
  • Richard Valtr - Founder, Mews