Report Overview

The last decade has seen an explosion of subscriptions. You no doubt already have several services on autopay. The travel industry led the world in developing sophisticated loyalty membership programs. But it has struggled to convert from using these unpaid membership tools towards a paid membership model.

The travel industry needs to push forward on building paid subscriptions into the future. Why? Subscriptions create recurring revenue that can compound on itself. This lets companies grow at exponential, rather than linear rates. We think the time is right as the ‘great merging’ of how people live and work means that they have the potential to travel more frequently and for longer trips than ever before.

To study subscriptions in travel, we provide three case studies: eDreams ODIGEO in distribution, Selina in hotels, and Inspirato in alternative accommodations. We believe that the subscription model will help push travel marketing towards a feedback loop, driven by positive customer engagement experiences. The in-destination experience is not the end of the customer journey – rather it is just the start; the experience should be immediately providing inspiration for the next journey.

Based on this research, we offer six lessons for travel industry executives looking to build a membership or subscription in Travel.