Report Overview

Just over a decade ago, four in five Southeast Asians had only limited access to the Internet. Today, Southeast Asians are the most engaged Internet users in the world with 90% of them connecting to the internet primarily through their mobile phones.

Between 2015 and 2018, online travel bookings in the region grew at 15% compound annual growth rate driven by growth in online airline and hotel bookings, to a size of $30 billion in 2018. In this report we investigate the industry dynamics and the core value propositions — scale, usability, and pricing — of top online travel agents in the region.

Skift Research interviewed two C-suite online travel executives to further understand how they perceive Southeast Asia as an online travel market and what the key emerging trends in the industry are. We also attempted to estimate revenues of the top OTAs based on the limited available data.

The online travel market in Southeast Asia is a promising and exciting market, a rapidly growing region with a digitally engaged and highly aspirational middle class that is currently underserved.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Market size of the online travel industry in Southeast Asia and its six major countries, namely, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • Traffic share of the popular online travel agencies in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • Inventory size of Agoda,, and Traveloka in the focus countries
  • Core website features of Agoda,, and Traveloka along with their loyalty programs and average visit duration
  • Pricing tactics of the online travel agents
  • Estimated revenue of the Online Travel Agencies in focus
  • Emerging trends in the Southeast Asian online travel industry

Executives Interviewed

  • John Brown - Chief Executive Officer, Agoda
  • Alfan Hendro - Chief Operating Officer, Traveloka