Report Overview

Adopting technology has become imperative for hoteliers to be able to provide a consistent guest experience and ensure staff satisfaction. Duetto’s recent report on trends and predictions for 2023 highlights the need for hotels to embrace change in light of the scarcity of qualified individuals and changing guest expectations.

Hotels need to get out of siloed departments and work as a team to be able to maintain service standards. While task management and housekeeping tools are not a foreign concept to hotels, there still lies significant potential for this tech category to grow. Staff collaboration tools too are essential in building a healthy workplace allowing transparent communication.

Data in this report is accurate as of February 2023. For the latest updated information, Skift Research subscribers can access our Hotel Tech Benchmark dashboard, which is updated
periodically as we collect more data from hotel tech vendors.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Current and future growth potential of Task Management, Housekeeping, and Staff Collaboration Tools
  • Total market penetration
  • Top Vendors market penetration
  • Revenue distribution for vendors
  • Total market penetration for vendors based on total number of hotels and rooms they service