Report Overview

Guest feedback, which was initially gathered through comment cards in hotel rooms, was disrupted by the explosive popularity of online guest reviews across a wide range of public platforms. Some hotels still continue to use guest satisfaction surveys to help benchmark guest satisfaction. Reputation and review management has guest satisfaction at its core. With hotels heavily investing in creating great experiences and aiming to provide impeccable service, it is equally important to observe whether their efforts align with the perception of the consumer.

As customer experience has become more digitized, hotel guests are now empowered to share their opinions and experiences on third-party platforms such as Tripdadvisor, Google, booking sites like online travel agencies (OTA), and social media. Reputation and review management software facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of these reviews and ratings, thus managing how a hotel is perceived publicly. It helps quantify guest satisfaction and highlight areas for improvement or opportunity.

Reputation and review management software has diverse offerings such as tracking what is said about the business on multiple platforms, getting live feedback using QR codes or WiFi login pages, sending post-stay surveys to guests, optimizing the hotel website to show positive reviews, and sharing reports and benchmarks for performance tracking.

Data in this report is accurate as of December 2022. For the latest updated information, Skift Research subscribers can access our Hotel Tech Benchmark dashboard, which is updated
periodically as we collect more data from hotel tech vendors.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Current and future growth potential of Reputation and Review Management Software
  • Total market penetration
  • Top Vendors market penetration
  • Revenue distribution for vendors
  • Total market penetration for vendors based on total number of hotels and rooms they service