Report Overview

Introducing the Skift Health Score

The Skift Health Score is a proprietary metric that assesses the strengths of public travel companies. Our current version includes scores for 100 travel companies across hospitality, airline, cruise, and online travel and distribution sectors.

The health score ranges on a scale of 0–100, calculated by selecting and weighting 23 individual indicators that are core to a company’s overall strength. We start by averaging the scores of the 23 indicators of all the companies within each travel sector. We then compare each company to its peers within its sector to see how it stands. A score of 100 indicates that the business far outperforms its sub-sector averages whereas a score of 0 indicates it far underperforms.

A company’s final Health Score is derived from analyzing and combining three underlying company sub-scores, each formulated to measure a specific component of the business.

  • Survivability: how prepared the company is to weather the current COVID-19 crisis
  • Current Performance: how the company is operating at present
  • Future Prospects: how well-positioned the company is to return to growth in a post-coronavirus world.

Click below to download the full methodology for the Skift Health Score, including further information about design, indicators, and weightings.