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Best Practices for Attracting Chinese Outbound Tourists

by Meghan Carty + Skift Team - May 2018
Digital Marketing
Online Travel

Skift Research Take

Chinese outbound travel continues to boom and shows high potential for future growth. Travel brands and destinations need to understand the evolving behaviors and preferences of Chinese travelers in order to most effectively appeal to this market.

Report Overview

Given China’s huge outbound travel market and unmatched tourism expenditure, it’s no wonder travel brands and destinations around the world are doing all they can to attract its travelers. In this report, we examine Chinese outbound travel from two perspectives. First, we examine the behaviors and preferences of Chinese travelers in general, and we note key differences based on age and the region of the country from which they come. We then use this consumer analysis to identify three best practices for travel brands and destinations to attract Chinese outbound travelers, and we present real case studies to illustrate each.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • Market size and expenditures of Chinese outbound travelers
  • Technology adoption trends in China and how they impact outbound travelers’ behavior and expectations
  • Key demographic segments of Chinese outbound tourists
  • Key trends in the types of trips and activities preferred by Chinese travelers
  • Major technology brands and features that Chinese tourists use throughout their travel journey
  • Best practices for travel brands and destinations to attract Chinese travelers with case studies

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