The Vacation Rental Technology Ecosystem

by Jason Q. Freed + Skift Team - Jul 2015

Skift Research Take

With technology innovation and a thriving online distribution landscape, vacation rental owners are taking their businesses to new heights. Homeowners and property managers are more astute in digital marketing, by developing their own websites and managing calendars on billion-dollar distribution sites. Technology is revolutionizing the vacation rental at a multitude of touchpoints.

Report Overview

Executive summary

Riding rapid technology advances, vacation rental owners today are in a position to market their properties to a global audience and manage their rental space as efficiently as ever.

Software has helped distribution companies become more efficient, getting product to the traveler faster. Similarly, rental owners have many choices for marketing their properties thanks to tech innovations.

More recently, technology providers have begun arming rental owners with advanced channel management capabilities, letting owners fill vacant nights at optimal prices. Channel management tools give properties more exposure and increase the ability to maximize rental earnings. As the number of channels grows, owners can use these tools to synchronize property content, prices and availability.

A big value proposition for partnering with a vacation rental distribution partner is reaping the benefits of a modern, fast and content-rich website. The best sites are evolving their search engines to best match guests and hosts based on their respective needs. The sites are giving searchers more accurate results that are close to exactly what they’re looking for; and conversely ensuring hosts are receiving requests from guests that fit their wants.

The booming vacation rental industry is attracting innovative solutions providers. Beyond the evolution technology has brought to selling, marketing and distributing rental properties, third-party suppliers are also innovating at a variety of rental-property touchpoints.

This Skift Trends Report will identify some of the largest tech players in the vacation rental space as well as illustrate the potential for a massive evolution in how and where people vacation.