Report Overview

It is easy to forget that Airbnb is only just over 10 years old, when looking at the extensive ecosystem that has sprouted up around it. Already existing sectors like traditional vacation rentals and serviced apartments have gravitated towards the major platform, while new property managers and business-to-business vendors have launched in recent years.

It is then, hard to overstate the impact that the short-term rental sector has had on the travel industry. Hotels are lobbying for stricter regulations while at the same time entering the sector through acquisitions or new brand launches. And the sector’s impact goes beyond hotels, with realtors and property investors increasingly looking at short-term rentals as a lucrative alternative to their regular practices. Meanwhile, regulators are scratching their heads about the best way to legislate all these developments.

This report provides data on the growth of the sector over the past decade and into 2019, highlights the performance of the top five companies, and provides a top 100 list of vendors that are shaping the short-term rental ecosystem today. The report discusses the major trends and latest developments, including the convergence with other travel accommodation sectors, and how commercialization will impact the sector and the legislation that is attempting to regulate it.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • The global market size of short-term rentals 2010–2019.
  • Gross bookings made through the top five short-term rental platforms 2010–2019.
  • How the short-term rental sector is converging with other travel accommodation sectors.
  • The different types of property managers, and where future growth lies.
  • The growth of the business-to-business vendor landscape which is supporting the growth of the short-term rental sector.
  • The top 100 companies that are shaping the short-term rental ecosystem.
  • How the sector will evolve over the coming decade as it grapples with its own success.

Executives Interviewed

  • Alex Aydin – Founder and CEO at BookingPal
  • Erskine Berry – Head of B2B at CityRelay
  • Louise Birritteri – Founder and CEO at Pikl
  • Eric Breon – Founder and CEO at Vacasa
  • Rafael Frankow – Director of Business Development Europe at Igloohome
  • James Foice – Chief Executive at the Association for Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP)
  • Paul Gardner Bougaard – Chief Executive at Resort Development Organisation
  • Merilee Karr – Founder and CEO at UnderTheDoormat
  • Henrik Kjellberg – CEO at Awaze
  • Lavina Liyanage – Chief Markets Officer at onefinestay
  • Dimitris Manikis – President and MD EMEA at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
  • Fran Milsom – Co-Founder at Air Agents
  • Jean-Philippe Monod – VP Government & Corporate Affairs at Expedia Group
  • Sebastian van Os – Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at NestAngel
  • Amiad Soto – Co-Founder and CEO at Guesty
  • Vanessa de Souza Lage – Chief Marketing Officer at Rentals United
  • Tobias Wann – CEO at OYO Vacation Homes