Report Overview

There are a lot of sources providing insights about the impact of the coronavirus on the hotel industry, providing advice on pricing, marketing strategies and so forth. This report attempts to provide some clarity by offering a single narrative through the million voices and disparate snippets of data that are available.

We follow the timeline of the COVID-19 virus spread as a guide through these discussions, focussing on a few countries that so far have been most severely impacted, starting with China where the virus originated, and moving on to Europe where we focus on Italy and Spain, which at the time of writing are at the epicentre of this global pandemic.

This is followed by a discussion of the current situation in the U.S., which is tracking behind Asia and Europe, but is starting to show a concerning increase in reported cases and deaths, and we investigate what the hotel performance in Asia and Europe can tell us about what’s to come for the country.

A special focus on hotel tech vendors at the end of the report provides insights into how these players are likely impacted by this unprecedented downturn.

We are as uncertain about the future as anyone, but see indications that this might be a long road to recovery. That the industry will recover, however, we feel is not in doubt.

What You'll Learn From This Report

  • How the coronavirus has spread around the world, and how this has impacted hotel performance.
  • Key performance indicators of hotels in hard hit countries including China, Italy, Spain, and the U.S.
  • A discussion on what the road ahead looks like for the hotel industry.
  • The impact this crisis is having on the hotel tech vendor landscape.